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Guillermo Del Toro Wins Best Director for The Shape of Water at Golden Globes. "It’s taken 25 y


It goes without saying that one of our favorite films of 2017 was The Shape of Water. We knew from the jump that Del Toro, the master of the modern monster, would craft a beautiful film about love and fantasy. What we didn't know was that everyone would agree. The Shape of Water is one of the best reviewed films of last year, winning multiple awards as well as the Golden Globe for Best Direction last night.


Guillermo seemed somewhat taken aback when he accepted his award, So were we, Del Toro is a visual genius but a populist filmmaker he is not. His films tend to skew towards a specific genre, usually horror and fantasy, two categories the Globes are not especially fans of. Get Out a comedy? Really? But rewarded he was all the same. For years he had tolled away and tonight was his victory lap. Of course his first thanks went to monsters. Not the real life monsters that every black-clad celeb was silently (but perhaps not in the way some victims wanted) protesting last night but the misunderstood monsters. The creatures who simply want acceptance or love that De Toro usually highlights in his films. The Shape of Water began with the concept of what if The Creature from the Black Lagoon was a love story so it makes since that he would thank the "Patron Saints of our blissful imperfections". Then the music began to play him off. Let's watch...

"Lower the music guys. It took me 25 years. Give me a minute."

Fantastic. The crowd goes wild (as much as a bunch of Hollywood elites can) and Del Toro finishes his speech that he so rightly earned. We really want to congratulate Guillermo Del Toro for his win and hope this is just the beginning of his winning season. Thank the Dark Lords for the Holy Father of Monsters.

The Shape of Water is in theaters now. Guillermo Del Toro's next feature film is a scheduled remake of Fantastic Voyage.

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