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Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Cover John Carpenter's Halloween for Sacred Bones. Is New Vinyl in

Friday the 13th is usually the day of Jason but thanks to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross the day was owned by Michael Myers. That's the day that Sacred Bones Records , in association with Reznor's own [The Null Corporation], dropped the cover of John Carpenter's Halloween theme that the Oscar winning composers had created.


The cover is available to purchase on Amazon or Itunes but you can hear it below in all its fiendish glory.

While this alone is an awesome early Halloween treat it does leave us wondering: will there be a full release? How far does this cover go? Knowing Sacred Bones as I do (with a heavy focus on physical releases of Carpenter's work) it seems likely that this could be the beginning of a push for a vinyl release.

John Carpenter Anthology from Sacred Bones Records

I can probably quess that we will see at least a 7-inch single releases from Sacred Bones (maybe a picture disc like other Carpenter themes) while my larger dream is that this is the tip of a wonderful iceberg in the shape of a full soundtrack re-recording by Reznor and Ross. Why bring two of the best soundtrack composers around (one already a master of industrial soundscapes) and have them only cover one theme? Go for the gold and give us an entire release. This is my sincere hope but we can't know for now. I'd watch around Halloween for any additional announcements regarding future releases. Until then sit back and enjoy the audio horror of when two "Hate Machines" meet. (Hehe...get it? It's a Nine Inch Nails joke. Because Pretty Hate Machine was an album title and Michael....I'll see myself out.)

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