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Waxwork Records to Release HOUSE & HOUSE II: THE SECOND STORY Soundtrack on Colored Vinyl (and y

Remember when we told you about that amazing SUSPIRIA soundtrack that there was no chance in hell of getting? Haha...memories.

Well, maybe this news will take the sting away. It has been announced on Instagram (again?!) that Waxwork Records will release a double vinyl album for the soundtrack to HOUSE (1985) and HOUSE part II aka HOUSE: THE SECOND STORY (1987).


Both soundtracks are scored by Harry Manfredini, whose FRIDAY THE 13TH soundtracks have already been released by Waxwork, and will be released on a colored vinyl called "Big Ben" (and looks like a green marbled with black streaks). HOUSE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be released on October 6th.

UPDATE: There will apparently be a second color variant referred to as "Crystal Skull" (blue and clear blue marbled) from HOUSE II: THE SECOND STORY.

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