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Death Waltz to Releases SUSPIRIA Soundtrack at Beyond Fest on Exclusive Vinyl (and you probably won&

This one is a good get. It has been announced on Instagram that Death Waltz Recording Co., the horror soundtrack label owned by Mondo Inc. , will be releasing the Goblin scored soundtrack to the Daria Argento's brilliant Italian masterpiece SUSPIRIA on vinyl EXCLUSIVELY for Beyond Fest. Yep. Only at Beyond Fest.


Sounds great, where can I get my copy?

Okay, now the bad news. It already happened. You're not getting one. It's over. One and done.

Let me explain. As I understand it this release was made EXCLUSIVELY for the three SOLD OUT screenings of SUSPRISIA that took place on OCTOBER 1st at Beyond Fest. From the wording it seems that this was a special release that we will most likely not see arrive on the MONDO website. And it seems that many fans, myself included, are bummed that we won't be able to include this edition in their vinyl collection (thus padding our Death Waltz catalog numbers). I understand because this title has several wide releases, and thus shares right issues, that getting a larger release apart from the event was never going to over, it still stings because this looks like an amazing release. Spencer Hickman, the founder of Death Waltz and current music label manager at MONDO, is a genuine horror film fan and this seems like a title he had wanted to release for awhile. I'm sure if he could of had a wide release he would of loved to spread the love.

Still...I want one.

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