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Happy Creep-O-Ween 2017

The time has finally arrived. October is here and it's time to celebrate all that is spooky, scary, and all around creepy. This is Creep-O-Ween

Official Seal of Creep-O-Ween 2017

We here at CultSig! will be attempting to highlight some terrifying treats for the month of October through written pieces, news articles, videos, and audio recordings. What that means...well, you're just going to have to wait and see. We will also once again be part of the Countdown to Halloween, a collection of bloggers and content producers who share a deep love of Halloween. Please seek out these Cryptkeepers and cultivate a grab bag of Halloween fun this season.

We have a lot planned but will get into that more as the month goes on. Until then, go out and enjoy the crisp Fall morning (weather permitting) on the first day of October. And if you hear a rap on your door yet find no one there, remember it's not's Creep-O-Ween,

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