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NEWS | General Mills Monster Cereal Returns. Dinosaur Dracula gets first scoop (Hehe, get it?)

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There is no doubt that Fall is coming. Nothing more telling perhaps then the arrival of the General Mills Monster Cereal on store shelves. Saved more often for the Halloween season, the appearance of Boo Berry and crew signals the start of the onslaught of spooky flavors and ghoulish delights. Champion of all pop culture cereal and seasonal releases Matt from Dinosaur Dracula || has once again proven himself master of Halloween treats by providing the first published reports of Monster Cereal in the wild (specially, the Bronx).


Hit the link and read Matt's full review of this year's Monster Cereal as we await the offcial press release from General Mills. We will plan to have our own review closer to October. What do we think of the cereal entering the aisle this early? What about the continued absense of Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy? What other seasonal food items warm your heart? Comment below.

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