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It's Valentines Day again. Didn't get your loved one anything special? No worry, we here at CultSig! have a heart ( and a couple more on the shelf in jars) and have decided to provide you with downloadable Valentines for that special creature in your life. Enjoy.



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Place your bets… The 2018 Oscar nominations have been released. Guillermo Del Toro’s fantasy romance The Shape of Water has garnered the most nominations at 13. Followed by Martin McDonagh’s Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri at nine nominations and Christopher...


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It goes without saying that one of our favorite films of 2017 was The Shape of Water. We knew from the jump that Del Toro, the master of the modern monster, would craft a beautiful film about love and fantasy. What we didn't know was that everyone would agree. The Shap...


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It being the beginning of that most non-Halloween time of the year we here at Culturally Significant! want to foucs on the thing that matters most during this holiday season...Tom Hanks.

Tom Hanks, born in 1956, has grown from a talented comedic actor to a national inst...


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 Friday the 13th is usually the day of Jason but thanks to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross the day was owned by Michael Myers. That's the day that Sacred Bones Records , in association with Reznor's own [The Null Corporation], dropped the cover of John Carpenter's Hallow...


A hopefully regular new feature where a single image tells the whole story.  

Sam, Trick R’ Treat Scarezone. Halloween Horror Nights 27. Orlando, FL. 2017


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Remember when we told you about that amazing SUSPIRIA soundtrack that there was no chance in hell  of getting? Haha...memories.

Well, maybe this news will take the sting away. It has been announced on Instagram (again?!) that Waxwork Records will release a double vinyl...


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This one is a good get. It has been announced on Instagram that Death Waltz Recording Co., the horror soundtrack label owned by Mondo Inc. , will be releasing the Goblin scored soundtrack to the Daria Argento's brilliant Italian masterpiece SUSPIRIA on vinyl EXCLUSIVEL...


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The time has finally arrived. October is here and it's time to celebrate all that is spooky, scary, and all around creepy. This is Creep-O-Ween

We here at CultSig! will be attempting to highlight some terrifying treats for the month of October through written pieces, ne...


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There is no doubt that Fall is coming. Nothing more telling perhaps then the arrival of the General Mills Monster C...

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