Monday, November 2, 2015

Octovember III: Season of the Pumpkin (and the Shark)


Are you suffering from Post-Halloween depression?

It is a common ailment that happens to the best of us. Symptoms can include:

  • Decoration Dependency
  • Pumpkin Spice Withdrawal
  • Candy Corn Calluses
  • Falling Leaves Arches
  • Horror Movie Melancholia and
  • Manic Christmas Disorder

The former is the most serious as it can include serve panic attacks when "Jingle Bells" is heard because...

But fear not because the good scientific minds of Culturally Significant! have found the cure in the form of OCTOVEMBER

 If you have no idea what Octovember is you could look here or here or I could just give you the quick rundown: we here at CultSig!, being eternal fans of pumpkin pie and falling leaves, feel that we as a society jump too quickly to Christmas right after Halloween leaving the lovely month of November to suffer. People, Fall is still alive and kicking. Octovember is our take back by not only continuing to celebrate Halloween spookiness (most start a month early, we continue a month later) but also a reinforcement of the Thanksgiving day traditions like eating and more eating. This year, as a nod to our buddies Strange Kids Club's Goosebumps celebration and a tribute to one of our favorite Halloween films, we decided to deem it the "Season of Pumpkin" using the Goosebumps Pumpkinheads as our spirit animals.

But besides celebrating Octovember we will be finishing off our two month celebration of all things JAWS with Jawsoween.

So, if you think you are a sufferer of Post-Halloween depression join us for the month of November and take back the Fall.

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