Friday, November 13, 2015

Electric Zombie presents Friday the 13th

Real Quick: It's Friday the 13th.

Being the high holiday that it is Kyle from Electric Zombie has just unleashed his third(!) Friday the 13th influenced collection to coincide with Jason's favorite calendar date.
 "This is a design that is 4 years oldand I decided to bring back. 
It’s been updated and redrawn. A little more detailed and mess cartoonie. 
 More creepy and bloody and just as awesome."
-Kyle Crawford, Electric Zombie Blog
 "I didn’t want to do a crazy Jason overkill this year, (oh puns!) so 
I thought I would spice it up with a little bit of old 
and a little bit of new and a little bit of new old."
 -Kyle Crawford, Electric Zombie Blog
 I wanted to make this the theme for this redo and do a japanese 
VHS import of the poster. It’s super gritty and I love the new additions.
 -Kyle Crawford, Electric Zombie Blog
 This pin is super cool. If you look at it under a black lite, 
it looks like the original Jason Mask, white and red. 
It glows in the dark, which really sets this thing off. 
I wanted the packaging to be consistent with the Pinheads, 
but the opportunity to do something new and 
special for this occasion, was a no brainer.
 -Kyle Crawford, Electric Zombie Blog

 Well put. This has been an awesome year for Electric Zombie and I agree, that pin looks super cool. It will be a pleasure to throw my money at it. 

The collection will go live later today. Till then...kill for mommy.

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