Friday, October 30, 2015

The Electric Zombie Halloween Special

Just in time for Halloween comes the Electric Zombie Fall release.  I know that I've talked about Electric Zombie in the past quite a bit, tending to shower heaps of praise to its designs and designer, but the brand just really knows what it is doing. Recently the EZ head, Kyle Crawford, made the decision to sharpen his vision and focus the fashion and art company as an outlet for  80's/90's nostalgia which this Fall release line really shows. Ranging from influences like Are You Afraid of the Dark? to Franken Berry, this release is Halloween encapsulated.

You can generally tell the seasonal Halloween trend early in the season and this year is all about nostalgia. This year seemed to be a callback to that fun era of vacuumed formed masks and all night movie marathons. A year where the biggest sharks were Goosebumps and spooky black burger buns. Talk about throwback. EZ shares this sense of Halloween fun while still providing designs anyone would rave over. Enough talk, let's look a quick look at some slections.
 First is the "Mask-a-cre" tee Featuring various masks from horror characters like
Sam and Jason Vooorhees. I really like the design of this shirt with the focus on the sleeves and pocket while keeping the shirt itself clean. Priced at $35.
 The "DeadBox" is a baseball style shirt featuring a "Late Night Movie Crew" seal on the back and front. The artwork calls back to the Terror on Tape compilation with a monster hand squeezing a VHS cassette. Priced at $35
 Nothing is perhaps as beloved to my generation as Are You Afraid of the Dark? and the Ghastly Grinner is one of the most infamously terrifying episodes. "Punchline" features the Grinner as he would appear on a EC style comic cover. Priced at $25.
The "Slasher" pocket tee is similar to the "Mask-a-cre" shirt only themed to our favorite dream master. This is a great design for anyone who wants to wear a horror shirt without wearing a horror shirt. Featuring the famous red/green color scheme and printed flesh design, this design is priced at $30.
Every EZ line drop has one specially made piece of apparel and this release features a sweet bomber jacket. "Death Squad" is covered with custom patches related to The Monster Squad and, as an owner of two custom EZ/Gravetakers jackets, I can attest to the quality. Pre-order is priced at $80.
 Now for some artwork. Remember that mask layout I was so fond of on the pocket tee? Many of those designs can be found on the "Mask-er-AD" print. Designed after those classic mask ads that appeared in genre magazines, this 11" x 17" print is limited to an edition of 200 and is also featured a t-shirt design. Print priced at $10 while the shirt is priced at $20.
 You either hate or love Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Luckily Kyle loves it. "Horrorthon" is a beautifully designed 24" x 36" print featuring a stuttering TV effect (accomplished by Crawford actually running the images through his TV). Priced at $20.

The biggest item this year, and the one that seems to bring the entire Fall release together, is the "Kill-Aid" candle collaboration with Horror Decor. Named in honor of Ghoul-Aid and blackberry scented, this candle has all the trademarks of a 80's/90's Halloween. Featuring more creepy callbacks in its design, this candle looks stunning. You got Franken Berry, the CryptKeeper, Raven Bart, Chicken McNuggets(!), and the Kill-Aid man himself. Not limited to a candle, this design is also available as a t-shirt and sticker selection .
 The candle is available exclusively at Horror Decor for $15 for a large and $9 for the medium while the shirt is priced at $25
The enamel pin craze has come fast and hard with companies releasing a new design almost everyday. I for one am all in and have been hording them like they were water in the desert. Electric Zombie jumped in with its last release by issuing its "Pinheads" series and this release sees the Kill-Aid characters as new additions. We'll have to see if this trend has legs but why worry when you have pinheads...hahaha...sorry.

Kyle Crawford is a man who does things his own way, personal opinion be damned. He runs his company exactly the way he sees fit and, as far as I'm concerned, it has worked so far. So grab some Ghoul-Aid and enjoy the horrorthon.

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