Monday, October 5, 2015

The Art of Amity: "Quint's Revenge!" by Paul Jackson

For the first installment of The Art of Amity I wanted to feature one of my favorite pieces of JAWS art in a very long time from artist Paul Jackson.

Paul is a talented UK artist who has been getting quite amount of attention for the past couple of years. I would tend to describe his art as a kind of Memento Mori depiction of life and death, but he also seems to have a sense of humor and a love of of popular culture. How else could you explain Quint's Revenge!?

To explain the inspiration behind Quint's Revenge! you have to hear from the man himself (Paul Jackson that is, not Captain Quint).

Ever wonder what ACTUALLY happened to Quint?

It was all just a insurance scam...

 So it would seem that the entire Amity Affair was the dirty dealings of despondent charter boat captain and underwater mechanic engineer Bartholomew Marion Quint. It's rather brilliant. Use your Navy experience to build a realistic (but not too realistic) shark robot, kill a couple of locals, offer to exterminate the shark for a hefty fee, and then fake your death (also, get the insurance money on your boat).  Good plan, but don't you have to actually prove the death of the shark to get your reward? And who's opperating the shark when he's around Hooper and Brody? There seems to be a lot of simpler blackmail scams one could pull on a seaside town. 

 This art was released by Paul as a Giclee print, which is a Inkjet printed work using archival ink on high quality paper. No description of the paper itself but knowing prints as I do I'm going to guess...french stock white? Whatever, it's a great print. 
The print is a dimensional size of 9" by 19 3/4" and Paul even go so far to points out that it can fit in the IKEA "Ribba" frame. I really do love when an artist takes the time to suggest how we should display their works (and that's not snarky in any way, I really do love that). The print is priced for £45.00, or about $68.00 dollars US, in a limited run of 500 and can be purchased from Paul's online store

As I said, this is one of my all time favorite JAWS pieces ever made. It's both a tribute to a great film but also a fun take on the material. For that we award Paul Jackson with the greatest achievement we can...
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