Thursday, October 1, 2015

On which we rise from the grave... (Halloween 2015)

Well, Summer is over...

Damn right. This Summer has been the horrible. Being localized in Florida, the playground of America (or its blight, dependeing on your perspective) has left me utterly drained. Don't get me wrong, I usually love a Summer. Beach days, outdoor barbecues, and trips to theme parks are all noble ambitions that I love and respect. The thing is, when living in the Sunshine State, you tend to hate the Summer because of this very reason. EVERYONE comes to Florida for the Summer. Not to get into a "Local Only" diatribe but when your leisure day at Universal becomes like the fall of Saigon with Brazilian tourist groups in 90 degree heat you begin to become sour on Summer. Become the tourist destination of the world largely makes the state inhospitable for those who live here the three months of the year.

I also had a major health scare this Summer. I'm sure it's been noticed (or not noticed at all *weep*) that I have largely been absent in my updating. Besides working full-time at a non-creative job I began having heart issues late in the Summer month. This largely put out my fire to work on the blog on any regular basis. I became a passive participant in pop culture, taking it all in without giving anything back. But I had hope. I had a plan. I had...

 Yes, like last years 30 Days of Ghostbusters, I am taking the next two months (Halloween and Octovember) to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Steven Spielberg's landmark film Jaws. What lead me to this? Like Ghostbusters last year I began to see a trend with the year in Summer. My exhaustion of tourist like the islanders must have of those that poured into Amity. The constant day drinking of Narraganset like Captain Quint. The continued selling of New England style lobster rolls at the restaurant I work. Everything said Jaws. Then I began to re-read the amazing The Jaws Log by Carl Gottlieb and I knew what I had to do.
So my plan is to divide my time on Halloween posts and Jaws posts all the way through Thanksgiving. You noticed how I haven't mentioned a number of days like with 30 Days of Ghostbusters. Yeah, that's by design. Last year's posting promise kind of swam up and bit me on the ass so this year I'm keeping it simple. It might be 4 posts, might be 40. I'm not going to kill myself (or I actually might kill myself).

That's is where I would like to ask as I always do for your help. This entire thing known as Culturally Significant! is a community effort and Jaws-o-ween is no different. If you wish to add anything to the proceedings, like a guest post or simply steering me towards some Jaws goodness, then please email us at or comment below. I am essentially giving you all an entire platform to profess your Jaws love. Help us make this the best Halloween / Jaws-o-ween ever.

Till then...keep swiming.

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