Monday, October 26, 2015

On which we panic beacuse Halloween is one week away...

Evey Halloween blogger knows one true fear. It keeps them up at night. It makes their palms sweat and nauseous to their stomach. It could even cause them to abandoned writing anything all together. This fear is simple...

"I ran out of time."

Hehe...Jessie's on drugs.
This I imagine is a common fear, not just with Halloween related blogs but with blogging in general. A lack of content makes anyone worried. It's what makes or breaks many blogs. That's why you see whole chunks of posts lapse suddenly, or seasonal only blogs. How about a sudden change of venue to, say, Twitter rather then your typical blog format? Content is king and one thinks it is lacking content then one may not feel the need to even engage.

Myself, and many others I feel, suffer from opposite side of the coin. The content is there, time is our enemy. I hear it so much "Oh, if only I had more time". I wanted to do a Monster Cereal piece, but then it passed. I wanted to focus on horror soundtracks, but then it was November. Yeah, this is another post about how my personal life, job, and concentration level affect my writing abilities but it is very true. I wanted to do so much this Halloween. Oh I had such designs. But here we are, the final week of Halloween, and I find myself in a corner yet again.

This entire October felt too brief. I notice as I get older that October passes quicker and quicker. That's not to say I didn't watch my share of horror movies. I did (and do throughout the year). Not to say I didn't eat my share of pumpkin goodies. I did (and will throughout November). I just didn't have the time to write about them. If you follow me on Instagram you probably have a better vision of hoe my October was then on here. Instagram is just that, instant. No need for meaning or purpose other then to show off something cool. Instant likes. Instant feedback. I love Instagram for that reason, but it is not why I started Culturally Significant!

So, what to do? Give up? Hell no! Cram as much Halloween goodness in this week as you can? Yeah, why not? So, until November 1st, I will focus on all the Halloween goodies I had planned leading to the begging of my big second chance: Octovember!

Till then,

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