Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jawsful Things: Fright Rags JAWS limited Edition Mask and T-shrt

Fright Rags has been producing beautiful and quality horror apparel for a while now, but this box set was my first exposure to them and I’ve got to say that I can’t wait for my next order.
Photo by Quint

 The box is pure vintage and looks great on a shelf.
Photo by Quint
What can I say about the mask that you aren’t already thinking? It’s wonderful and I’m so happy that it exists. I can’t wait to see which IPs they give the treatment to next. The Sam mask for their Trick R Treat line is especially enticing.
Photo by Quint
I really appreciated the sticker, and it instantly took me back to the coin operated machines that seemed to be in every pizza place.

I’m not usually a fan of having the graphic cover the entire front of the shirt, but this one doesn’t bother me and may actually be one of the most comfortable I own.

Photo by Quint
EDITOR'S NOTE: This will probably not be the last Fright Rags JAWS review you see here as their recent collection was a big hit. 

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