Tuesday, October 27, 2015

JAWS Rip-Off Trailer Tuesday: Tintorera...Tiger Shark aka Killer Shark (1977)

Now there is vengeance. There is man versus the sea's deadly high executioner. A monstrous killer is churning up the sea.  I am rolling my eyes. This is Tintorera...Tiger Shark (2977).

A paradise of pleasure becomes an island of 
death for two men face to face with a man-eating tiger shark.

I feel like the more trailers for JAWS rip-offs I watch the more I feel the same sensation, which I guess is the point. These all are essentially the same damn film. Shark kills people in isolated seaside town, hunter is employed to kill shark, shark is defeated, town rejoices. Tintorera is allowed a small amount of consideration in that it is based off a novel by a oceanographer who discovered a species of tiger shark off of Isa Mujeres. The film must be realistic right? It is not.

To be honest, there is not much else to get into here. The film is boring, bland, and barely watchable. Moving on...

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