Tuesday, October 20, 2015

JAWS Rip-Off Trailer Tuesday: Mako The Jaws of Death (1976)

Today's film is almost too amazing to be considered "bad"...but it's pretty bad. Where last week we dealt with Universal taking a film to court for being too similar story wise this film ups the gamble by actually having the word "Jaws" in the title. Today we read the mind of Mako: The Jaws of Death (1976).

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Okay, there is a lot that we need to get into. First the synopsis...

 A Vietnam veteran with an eerie influence 
over sharks unleashes his fearsome 
allies against his enemies.

Oh that's fine and...huh?

 Like what kind of "eerie influence"? I know we don't usually revist the trailer but my mind cannot rest until I know what the hell this means. 

"In a moment of danger, dealy sharks once saved his life."

"Now he lives and kills as one of them..."

"...blood brother in a mysterious shark cult." 


I'm sorry, I never use this many GIFs in one setting, but this trailer is breaking my brain...and it's just the trailer! So let me get this straight, this guy was onced saved by sharks and now is indebted to them to kill others in a secret shark Illuminati? First off, I don't think you are "saved" by sharks as more than some other poor bastard gets eaten while you get away. That is not kismet, that is luck. Second, shark cult? No, no other funny or witty thing to say...shark cult. A cult of sharks. 

Moving on, you can really tell that they were trying to not only make that JAWS Rip-off money but were also trying to up  the ante. Listen to the trailer again.

"Filmed without the benefits of cages, 
mechanical sharks, 
or other protective devices."

"Yeah screw you Universal with all your safety procedures and laws, we here at Cannon pictures strive for true realism. Now stop crying day-player and jump in that shark pool." Remember when the trailer for Roar! came out and everyone was like "How come no one died during the making of this?" How come no one died during the making of Mako: The Jaws of Death? It seems like a literal Jaws of Death in that it is like JAWS and death follows. 

That's it, I can't stand it anymore...I'm going to watch the movie. Wait here for me, I'll be right back. 

One movie length later

IT WAS HIS FREAKIN' MEDALLION! His mystical control of the sharks was through a magical medallion! Sorry, sorry, I should have said spoilers...but...medallion! Ahh! 

Pack it in, this is the one we are ending on. No more, the site is closing down. Good bye.

In all honesty, this film is crazy but has a really interesting idea at it's strange heart. It plays more as a revenge/proto-slasher film then a JAWS-like adventure. Instead of a knife our killer uses sharks. In that way too it's kind of like Willard or Ben or other rat-like movies. The most important thing is how sleazy this film feels. Super exploitative, which the trailer really plays with. This would have found a fun home in the Grindhouses of the 70s. My only wish is that it could have been the beginning of Sharkspoiltation, or if they could mix it with Blacksplotation. Imagine Sugar Hill but instead of zombies it was sharks. "She's mean. She's bad. She's got a gang of funky fish at her command. Watch out man, here comes...JAWS JONES!" *sigh*

Fun Fact: This movie was actually written before JAWS but couldn't get funding till the latter was a blockbuster hit. Yeah, psychic sharks came first. 

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