Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Here come the Cuddle Creeps

Ever wish you could climp into bed with Regan MacNeil?

No no, there might be too many already in there.
How about a desire to re-create Evil Ed's game of big bad wolf with Peter Vincent?

My grandma, what big teeth you have.
If the answer to all the above is yes then you're in luck with the most recent collaboration between Horror Decor and Strange Kids Club with Cuddle Creeps.

 Fashioned after the highly successful Pillow People of the 80's/90's (and seen several times in Full House) these printed soft pillows feature artwork by Nik Holmes bringing to life two of the most famous light sleepers from horror.

First we have Lil Ed featuring his fearsome fangs, cross scar, and comfortable light-weather jacket. Priced for $35.

Second is Lil Regan, who clearly knows how to make any sleepover fun adorned with a sensible nightgown accented with neon vomit. Priced at $35.

All the Cuddle Creeps are now available for purchase from Horror Decor. Pick yours up today because if these prove as successful as Pillow People then the sky is the limit for future lines. Lil Freddy maybe?

Sweet dreams.

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