Friday, October 30, 2015

8-Bit Zombie Presents Horrorible Heads.

What, another product review? Have I sold out? Well, when did I ever sell in? I'm a sucker for all manner of Halloween related goodies and if that means singing the praises of every company that puts out awesome designs then so be it. Call me a sell out. 8-Bit Zombie is an hell of an outlet and it's creator, Ross Dewey, is a hell of a guy. His most recent Halloween line was full of awesome designs and while I would love to go through each of  them there is one particular item that I would like to focus on: Horrible Heads.

 To discuss the Horrible Heads we must first talk about8-Bit Zombie's last major Halloween release: Body Bag
 This classic Halloween decoration style cutout was a big hit when it was released and I view the Horrible Heads as a spiritual cousin. Both not only go together perfectly but represent the era of paper decorations that inflamed the mind with little more then clever design. No batteries required.

Each pack of horrible heads comes with six masks, each with its own drawstring to wear. While they work perfectly as masks I prefer to use them as Halloween decorations. That's just me. Each is highly detailed and of the highest quality.

There's the Toxic Avenger...

The Aliens from They Live!..

My Pet Monster...

David from The Lost Boys...


and my personal favorite of the lot, Slimer from Ghostbusters. This to me is what Halloween is all about.

Horrible Heads is available now at 8-Bit Zombie.

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