Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Teaser Trailer Tuesday: Batman Vs Superman IMAX Teaser

M.E. Strange here. I've been trying to get the man named Quit to write on the blog FOREVER. There is no man who has his pulse on upcoming pop culture like Quit so when he told me about the special Batman vs Superman IMAX trailer that he was able to go to I begged him post about it. Hopefully this the first in a long line of posts from him. Let him finish it off...

I left work early to see the Batman v Superman IMAX trailer presentation, and now Id like to tell you about it. It felt very thrown together and last minute, but what can you really do for what boils down to 10 minutes of theater time.
Before taking my seat, I was handed a paper pass and told to write my email address on it. Turns out wed all be getting tickets to a pre-screening of the film sometime in the week leading up to the premiere. This was a wonderful surprise and seemed like a thank you for showing up even though we had already all seen the trailer multiple times.

The presentation started with Zack Snyder standing in front of the new Batmobile. This was the best look at it Ive seen yet, and it really reminds me of the Tumbler if it was flattened out to give it the profile of the more classic Batmobile. He didnt say much, basically just Helloand Please dont record this. That led straight into the same trailer which had been leaked and then released officially on Friday, but with a few extra seconds tacked onto the end. This last bit made the crowd go wild. Superman crouches down, quite angry, before sprinting/flying forward as Batman does the same. Right as they are about to collide, it cuts to black.
Zack Snyder then came back on briefly to say that the last part with Batman and Superman in the rain, as well as the bit of them charging at each other were shot in native IMAX. This really helped give them some weight.
We saw the trailer one more time, and that was that. We were then given 1 of 2 posters as we left.
I like the trailer, having seen it many many times now, and am hopeful that the film can live up to what I want it to be. I like Snyder, I really do. He can be incredibly indulgent sometimes, but I think hes talented. I love the Directors Cut of Watchmen. I like most everything about Man of Steel, save for the half-baked script. I think Ben Affleck will be a great Batman, and Im excited that Henry Cavill might actually get to do something.
 As I was meandering back to my car, debating whether to stick around for Furious 7 in IMAX, the family in front of my grabbed my attention. An African-American father and his two young daughters were also leaving the screening. One of the little girls was clutching her Superman poster and pointing to his head. She was trying to get her dads attention saying, They messed up Superman. See! Theres no curl.
Warner Bros, everybody loves Superman and I dont think that they see him the way you think they do. Ive got my fingers crossed that this is going to be one to remember. 

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