Monday, April 27, 2015

Pop Culture Enamel Pins from Clark Orr Design Co.

 I recently have gotten into collecting lapel pins. Yeah, that thing that was once saved for politicians and obsessive Disney fans has become the new Patch Game. So when I heard that Clark Orr Design Co. had released some pop culture centered pins I had to take note and I was not disappointed.
Now, Clark Orr has been unleashing amazing design and brand work for quite some time now, most of it with a heaping helping of popular culture, but for the most part his own personal output has been in the print and sticker field with small runs of stylish t-shirt designs and cool things like 'The Goonies' sport pendents.

So I was going through my Instagram feed one day and found out about Clark's most release. One thing lead to another and I had ordered one of the coolest designed enamel pins ever. Being that Clark Orr is located almost in my backyard turnaround was super short and behold what I received.

Where most enamel pins I have ordered arrive in a manilla envelop, maybe a nice cardboard header, but usually with minimal packaging. I was floored when I oped the package to find both pins in a small branded cloth bag. It's the little things that really win me over. In typical cool brand tradition it also came with free button and awesome sticker. Enough about the packaging, let's get to the pins.

Ghost Hover 1" $8 (Sold Out)

The meat of the entire order was this pin. This was the one that set my brain on fire.  'Ghostbusters' and 'Back to the Future' were landmarks in 80's cinema and I'm amazed that no one had come up with it sooner. It's the mashing of two of the greatest pop culture films while setting up possibly the best fan fiction you could come up with.Our own Steve Fox came up with this gem:

 VENKMAN: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Ray, uh... Are you telling me that you built an Ectomobile... out of a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Futura Duplex?

STANTZ: Yes, the way I see it, if you're gonna bust ghosts in a car, why not do it with some style?
When I posted the above image on my own Instagram I got the most likes that I think I've ever received, so apparently peopel are as excited for this idea as much as I was.
Get on it Paramount/Universal. This is the reboot/sequel we want. 

Note: Currently the first run is sold out but a second run will return on May 1st. 

Ricou .9" $8
 With shipping being $5 I decided to make it worth my while and order a second pin (I'm collecting anyway). Now, I know this looks like the Gillman from 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' but it's actually the official Clark Orr Design Co. mascot named Ricou. Let's be honest though, it's the Gillman. I've always loved the design for the Gillman, my avatar photo for the first year on the blog was the Pepsi Party version of him, so I was happy to grab one as well.

Something I haven't mentioned, both of these pins glow in the dark. And I mean glow. Glow strong. And not just in standard green but multicolored highlights.  I needed to own them. They fell into every category that I live me life by:
  1. Pop Culture
  2. Film Centered
  3. Glow in the Dark

The sticker that came with the pins shows off Clark Orr's style of sinister fun. This more represents his brand art, which can be seen with Super 7 or Johnny Cupcakes.

I've been a casual fan of Clark Orr but now he's becoming an artist I will watch closely, especially if he continues with these pop culture pins and prints like this 'Real Ghostbusters' Ectoplasm print.

With that, we welcome Clark Orr Design Co. into the We Are Pop Culture clubhouse.

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