Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Octovember II: Fall Has Returned

Well, it's happened. No longer can we deny it. The Autumn Equinox has come to a close and with it the end of All Hallows' Eve, the feast day the Holy Roman Church ordained to co-op the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain.

Essentially...Halloween is over.

 The symptoms of PHD (Post-Halloween Depression) has already begun to appear. Christmas decorations are appearing everywhere, candy corn is on clearance, and Starbucks has broken out their red cups.

Honestly, it sucks. Once again I must make it known that I love the holiday season, don't get me wrong, I just feel that Fall is continually being pushed further and further away. I love Winter, but I love Fall more. But all is not lost for I am bringing back a holiday to stave off the Christmas spirit with the help of Samhain himself. Yes, it's time for the (second) annual celebration of...
Many of my fellow pop culture bloggers (you known who you are) usually start celebrating the Halloween season in September and, while I tend to dip my toes in around this time as well, I decided to really celebrate the "Fall Season" from October through November (with Halloween representing the mid-point). Why a whole month later?

Because I'm lazy.
That's not true, it's because I'm always behind. As many of you who read the blog know I have a slight issue with keeping up-to-date. I would love to say it's because I have so many work commitments and other projects that keep my occupied but the truth is I get lazy at times and fail to get to all I want to cover. This was true with last years Halloween celebration so I decided to extend it into November. This simple act of procratination later became an actual philosophy about keeping the fall in...well...Fall. Sorry, that kind of went no where.

So what do I want to achieve in celebration of OCTOVEMBER?
  • The final 30 Days of Ghostbusters (yes, it is still going on)
  • Continued coverage of Halloween (yes, I got more stuff to share)
  • Hopefully more Horror Games (that never actually existed) 
  • PumpkinEaters Reviews (reviews of, well, pumpkin flavored things)
  • Sounds of the Fall vinyl reviews
Ha, that.

And, even though I've been hyping it for a long time, we might actually see the birth of the Culturally Significant! Podcast with the Culturally Significant Octovember Special.
Now, while we at CultSig! are content at being the lone wolf in the Octovember forest we would love to be part of a larger pack. We are calling out our fellow bloggers and content providers to help out by also embracing Octovember and tagging any post or article involving the last bit of fall. Heck, you could even use the below seal to show your belief that Christmas begins in December.

Till then...Remeber, Samhain is the reason for the season,

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