Friday, November 21, 2014

Free The Real Ghostbusters Friday: Episode 39 "Drool, The Dog-Faced Goblin"

I was always very struck by the episode. One reason was some of the amazing visual forms the main antagonist takes on. The monster in the closet is especially frightening for RGB.  

 Also something that always stayed with me was the sympathy of Drool, the scapegoat for the episode and ultimate hero. The guys spend all thier time in this spisode ratiovliving how evil Drool is because of, really, how he looks. 

There is something deeper going on here concerning, I think, judgement. I don't want to use the "R" word or anything, but it seems like this episode is focusing on the prejudice that blinds us. Drool is never unkind to the Ghostbusters but upon meeting they wish to trap him due to his unnerving appearance. His final sacrifice leaves the Ghostbusters somewhat haunted (ahhh, see what I did there) with how they handled the case over all, even forcing Peter to admit his mistake and "taking it all back". This episode really digs deep while providing great visuals. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The Ghostbusters discover a real goblin in an otherwise fake carnival sideshow, but even though they suspect it has been wreaking havoc in several towns, they are prevented from capturing it.

The 30 Days of Ghostbusters continues. Thanks for following.

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