Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Prepare, 30 Days of Ghostbusters is...Extended!

And now, a brief message from 
Culturally Significant! 
head contributor M.E. Strange-

I think I might of bitten off more than I could chew with the 30 Days of Ghostbusters.
...and that's a lot to chew, even with hot coco.
When I first conceived of posting an article related to 'Ghostbusters' for almost every single day in October I failed to factor in my work schedule, my personal relationships, enjoying Halloween activities, and general burnout. I planned out the articles and what they would cover but didn't prep the articles in advance. I usually write in the now and most of my features I write from the hip (as you can tell from my grammar and syntax). This proves problematic, especially in this instance, but I feel gives the pieces more energy and life. Why am I disclosing all this? If you'v been following the 30 Days closely, or just popping-in now and then, you may have noticed that I have begun to fall behind. Features have not been posted on their scheduled times and because of this there are holes starting to appear.

"Well, there were so many holes in Culturally Significant!, we didn't think anyone would notice."
 First, to those who have been reading the articles, thank you. We appreciate you more then you know. I had a moment early on in the postings where I suddenly lost my zest. If it wasn't for a comment made by a reader I may have jumped ship early (or just got really lazy). For those readers I apologize for our/my lack of consistency in posting the articles on time. Let me assure you that we WILL post something for every 30 days, it just may not be a daily basis. How bloggers like Shawn at Branded in the 80's can post daily amazes me (also, in the name of every thing holy, check out Shawn's Monster Squad coverage). I'm not quitting but I am attempting to not be so locked into the original premise of content every day. In that spirit I have decided that our 30 Days of Ghostbusters will extended into November, which will also include our coverage of Octovember.
 For those who don't remember, Octovember is our continued coverage of the month of Fall through November where we extended the warm feelings of Halloween to mix with Thanksgiving in a bid to keep the Christmas season at bay until December. We will be asking those of you who believe in Fall in November to help us, but more on that later.

On a related note, and I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I need a change from 'Ghostbusters'. I've been eating so much sweet that I need a sliver of savory. Something to re-focus my/our energy, and what better way to re-focus then to return to a long-forgotten feature...(to be continued)

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