Friday, October 10, 2014

Free The Real ghostbusters Friday: Episode 66 "Rollerghoster"

We're back with another episode from The Real Ghostbusters. Let's get straight into it, episode 66 "Rollerghoster".
 "This is another one of my choices. Growing up in Florida I was exposed very early to Universal Studios' Ghostbusters Spooktacular stage show and it only added to my Ghostbusters obsession. 
 The idea of a Ghostbusters attraction being haunted really lit up my brain as a child and thus why I love this episodes so much. I already was mesmerized by the special effects of Spooktacular, so to think it was actual ghost is not too far off. This episode also plays with a fun idea in what if other parties decided to use the Ghostbusters fame to build unlicensed attractions 
(which is something that could only happen in a cartoon show).
  Uh, yeah. Anyway, I really love how Egon is the most offended then the rest of the guys. He takes it all so serious (because he's Egon). Hell, if Peter thought of it first he would of licensed a Ghostbusters ride (because he's Peter). Anyway, enjoy 'Rollerghoster'." 

Special Thanks to Ghostbusters Animated for use

"Egon and Janine stumble across a carnival with a roller coaster called the Ecto-1. Egon is less than pleased with the trademark infringement, but when the ride is taken over by actual ghosts, the ride's owner capitalizes on the event for publicity."

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