Friday, October 3, 2014

Free The Real Ghostbusters Friday: Episode 11 "Citizen Ghost'

Free The Real Ghostbusters Friday is where we showcase episodes from The Real Ghostbusters, the animated 'Ghostbusters' series that ran for six season. For many born after 1984 this may very well have been the first exposure to Ghostbusters. The show proved successful and lead the way for a marketing machine that held youth domain over the show's run. You couldn't turn around without seeing toys to toothpaste with the RGB insignia. We will choose episodes that help reflect the best of the series and explain how it affected us. Today's curator is M.E. Strange for Episode 11 from season one titled "Citizen Ghost":

I choose "Citizen Ghost" for the first "FRGBF" because I feel it best encapsulates 
the series, or at least season one. Unlike the first episode, "Ghosts R Us", this episode 
picks up straight from the first Ghostbusters film and ties the entire series together. It feels 
like this was planned to be the pilot for the series but wasn't aired for some reason. 
This episode was written by J. Michael Straczynski, famed Sci-Fi TV writer who worked not only as a writer for the first season of RGB but also as the head story editor. This is one of J. Michael's better scripts for the show before leaving due to all the changes consultants wanted after the success of season one.

Special Thanks to Ghostbusters Animated for Use

"Peter tells reporter Cynthia Crawford the story of what happened to the Ghostbusters after they defeated Gozer. While rebuilding their headquarters and Ecto-Containment Unit, the group is forced to deal with a certain green ghost from the Sedgwick Hotel (which Ray named Slimer). But having the green goblin constantly hanging around them is nothing compared to the trouble they have when a group of evil ghostly doubles decide to take their place, by getting rid of the original Ghostbusters."

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