Thursday, October 23, 2014

Countdown to Halloween: Strange Kids Club HALLOWEEN TREE and MAD MONSTERS Prints

With the recent collab between CultSig! and SKC we thought it be cool to point out the awesome Halloween prints they have made available.

Glen Brogan, "HALLOWEEN TREE". 18 x 24.
Zach Bellissimo, "MAD MONSTERS'. 24 x 18.
 Both prints are perfect examples of good old fashion Halloween retroism and you would be silly not to pick up at least one of them.

HALLOWEEN TREE is a tribute to the classic Ray Bradbury story and later immortal animated tale. The detail here is awesome featuring several horror and Halloween characters as Pip-like pumpkins. HALLOWEEN TREE is created by Glen Brogan and is a hand numbered digital print out of 100.

MAD MONSTERS is a collection of all the ghouls and ghoulies from the always seasonal favorite 'Mad Monster Party'. Zach Bellissimo has done an amazing job of not only recreating the look of all the characters but also pulling off the Rankin/Bass vibe of the entire affair. MAD MONSTERS is created by Zach Bellissimo and is a hand numbered digital print out of 100.

Grab these up before they spirit away. Get it? Spirit away? Because it's...Halloween...and...never mine.

Halloween specials are few and far between these days. Besides the recent Toy Story special I can't recall the last major TV network offering a seasonal kernel of candy corn. There is a beautiful, proper history that is related to Halloween specials and I think it is leaving us. I fear that the youth of today (old man pains) are missing out on something that effected many of us in our more vulnerable years. While kids today may be missing out we still have our old classics, and these two are brilliant examples. One is a Rankin/Bass fashioned spookshow with classic monsters anarchy while the other is a more somber meditation on the value of not only friendship but the reason for Halloween. Both are tent poles on the importance of enjoying the season and appreciating what it is to be a child on Halloween. It's scary fun, controlled chaos that allows kids to dip their toes in the dark and return clean. These specials let us have fun with horror without having to go through torment. Isn't that what Halloween is all about?

Till, set, go!,

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