Saturday, October 4, 2014

Art Deco, Very Nice: Gallery 1988 Ghostbusters 30th Show (Part 1)

In the world of pop culture 'Ghostbusters' holds a special place for fans, this is no different with artist. Many have expressed their love of the boys in gray (even if they wear tan) with stylistic interpretations and re-visions. Here we post some more extraordinary work by some of the leading graphic designers today who have a fondness for those Ghostbusters.

Gallery 1988 is a pop-art gallery in California that has risen quick due to the amount of artist they get to collaborate and their genre themed exhibits. Well known for their "Crazy4Cult" show, they have steady been proving to as influential as other such gallerias like Austin's Mondo or Brooklyn's Bottleneck. Starting May 17th the unveiled a traveling Ghostbusters exhibit honoring the 30th anniversary that hit various cities and cons, featuring the work of dozens of graphic artist and designers.

 The art included in this gallery is some of the best fan art from many of the most sought after artist working today. While there were so many amazing pieces I have curated a number of my favorites to show you the talent at work at what I'm sure was an amazing experience (both for those who attended and for the artist themselves).

Mike Mitchell, "Ghostbusters Commemorative Show Poster". 18 x 24.
Joshua Budich, "They're Here To Save The World". 24 x 36.
Anthony Petrie, "Metroplasm". 24 x 36.
Clark Orr, "Ghostbusters Activity Sheet". 16 x 12.
Godmachine, "OK...Who Brought The Dog?". 18 x 24.
Tom Whalen, "Confectionary Kaiju". 12 x 36.
Rich Kelley, "Keymaster". 18 x 24.
Phantom City Creative, "Spooks, Spectres, and Ghosts". 18 x 24.
Dave Perillo, "We're Ready To Believe You". 18 x 24.
Gary Pullin, "Ghostbusters". 18 x 24.
 More to part two.

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