Thursday, October 16, 2014

Art Deco, Very Nice: Chogrin Presents No-Ghost Logos

 We're back for some more fan-driven Ghostbusters art. Tumblr in recent years has become a spawning ground for not only Sherlock fan fiction but also highlighting great upcoming artist. One of these artists is Joseph Game aka Chogrin.
Now, Chogrin was establish as an artist before Tumblr, but he has used the social network as a great arena to show off amazing artwork and organize other artist. This is the idea of a virtual gallery. One of the recent collections he helped organize was the "No Ghost Logos" show.

This consisted of several artists from around the world all focusing on renditions of the famous no-ghost logo, one of the greatest graphic images of all time. Seriously, someone who's never seen 'Ghostbusters' and you would know what that logo means. It's the Batman symbol of the paranormal. Anyway, here are a selection of the best logos from various artists.

Dan Schoening

Nate Bear

Justin Gammon

Steve Dressler

Mr. Kone


Scott Balmer

Jesper Bram

Mik Baro

Rafa Toro

Pakoto Martinez

This is one part of a larger Tumblr show involving the 30th year of Ghostbusters that Chogin was part of, but look at that year. For now enjoy the new ghost logos. I'm partial to Justin Gammon entry myself.

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