Saturday, September 20, 2014

CultSig!/Horrible Horrors present Horror Movie Mashups: JAWS vs Jason a.k.a. JVJ

Recently Zac Romero of Horrible Horrors asked for people to combine two different films to make "Movie Mashups".

 As usual I've decided to take it one step further and challenge Zac to HORROR MOVIE MASHUPS.

For my first HMM I present JAWS vs Jason a.k.a. JVJ

For years the town of Crystal Lake has had to live with the death curse of "Camp Blood". But soon the people of Crystal Lake find out what true death means when a massive killer shark swims into the New Jersey town. All summer fun is in danger when camp teenagers start drying left and right...I mean dying due to being attacked by a shark. The only thing to killer this great white menace is the original horror of Crystal Lake returns...Jason Voorhees. It's monster versus monster as thee two titans of terror battle for the teen-spree-killer title. And no matter who wins, we lose.
 Your move Zac...your move.
Till next time...keep out of the water,

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