Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Teaser Trailer Tuesday: Gone Girl (2014)

Last Tuesday I introduced a new segment called "Trailer Trash Tuesday" featuring trailers of a rather repugnant nature. I thought I was very smart...until I saw that there were already several other outlets doing a much better job of featuring trashy or genre trailers on Tuesday (with better names as such as "Trailer Park Tuesday").

So, I decided to change the focus from "trash" to 'teasers", those wonderfully short and enragingly cryptic trailers that give us little, if any, information about the nature of the film in question.

These trailers are noteworthy for usually being the first glimpse we get of a film, orchestrated to introduce us to the visuals we will expect to see while featuring no strong story or plot elements.

They show enough with us left wanting more.

So, let's us begin...
with the moody trailer to David Fincher's upcoming  Gone Girl (2014)

Wow, where do we begin? How about how remarkably simular this trailer is to most of Fincher's recent teaser trailer output. It has the creepy cover song ("The Social Network") combined with a montage of quick paced story beats ("Girl with the Dragon Tattoo") all with a sense of over-looming dread ("Zodiac").

So essentially what all teasers should be.

Fun Fact: The song featured is 'She', originally sung by Charles Aznavour and covered in the past by Elvis Costello, covered here by Richard Butler of The Psychedelic Furs ("Pretty in pink, isn't she?"). Oh my God, what if this is 'Pretty in Pink' years later? I knew Blaine would be no good.

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