Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Teaser Trailer Tuesday: Batman (1989)

So for today I was thinking "what makes a good teaser trailer?" Fun, short, and lacking major plot points are the standard fair, but what about not even revealing the film's title? This trend started in the 80's with early film poster featuring only a logo or teaser image with the words "Coming Soon" or "Coming to Save the World this Summer" or so on. These films, usually with a high profile, would also parlay this mystery into their teaser trailer as well. One of the best is today teaser: Batman (1989).

First thing first, I love that this trailer looks like it came off a VHS transfer. Love it. Second, it is true that neither the trailer or the poster tell you what the film is...its Batman. Obviously it's Batman. That symbol is part of pop culture. People who never read comics in their entire life know two superheroes: Batman and Superman. It's ingrains into our DNA. So the poster/trailer doesn't need to sell Batman because it is Batman. Plus, you want to talk about a high film profile? I can recall not being able to turn around without seeing that bat symbol everywhere. It was in the air (maybe literally).

And that's the point of a teaser trailer/poster, to draw you in. You could of known that a Batman film was being made but now you can see the look of the film and how the actors look in their roles. Remember, people were not excited about Michael Keaton portraying Bruce Wayne. This gave them the first taste of what was to be released to audiences in 1989. And the rest is history...


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