Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams (1951 - 2014)

This is the second memorial I've written since starting the blog last October and all I can say is that this sucks. I would gladly shut down this blog today if I didn't have to write about the passing of a influential figure in my life. But the thing is, he was a influence on me. He played a large role in my growth as a writer and, more importantly, a human being. 

It was the little things with Robin Williams that broke through to me. A single line in a string of funny non sequiturs or a single sobering performance burred in a slew of largely comedic roles. That was the difference, he made you laugh but made you think at times. 
I don't want to spend time meditating on why Robin died but I do want to speak about the devastating nature of depression and the effects it has on the ones that love you. Severe depression leaves you feeling alone and isolated from the rest of the population but trust me, people still love you. You are never alone. Never let the weight of the world or addiction or anything destructive bring you down when there are people out there, people that care and want to help. Please, no matter the circumstance, talk to someone who wants to listen. Even if you think that no one else will understand, or that you're too far gone, call a friend or an lifeline organization created to help you through tough times. Talking about suicidal thoughts should never be stigmatized and neither should depression. Never suffer in silence. 
 So, where does that leave us? Robin Williams may be gone but his legacy lives on. Mork. Popeye. T.S. Garp. Vladimir Ivanov. Adrian Cronauer. King of the Moon. John Keating. Dr. Malcolm Sayer. Parry Sagan. Peter Pan/Banning. Leslie Zevo (I love 'Toys'). The Genie. The Timekeeper. Batty the Fruit Bat. Alan Parrish. Armand Goldman. Sean Maguire. Euphegenia Doubtfire. Chris Nielsen. Jakob Heym. Walter Finch. Rainbow Randolph. Sy Parrish. Pappass. Alan Hakman. Teddy Roosevelt. Lance Clayton. All of them shall remain with us. They live in our hearts and we will continue to cherish them. As much as we will cherish the man who created them and gave them voice. A Julliard actor in the form of a massive ball of uncontrollable energy. Rest in Piece my captain.
Now, to toast him off, enjoy some classic Robin...

and finally, Robin Williams at his best...himself.

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