Saturday, April 5, 2014

Oh snap, it's the BAD DUDEZ!

I was at a party the other night when I was approached by a rather intense looking individual who proceeded to strike up a conversation with me.

Intense Individual: 
 Intense Individual: 
Let me ask you something?
Uh, okay.
(backs up and tightens grip on 
beer bottle in order to defend self)
 Intense Individual: 
 Intense Individual: 
Listen, I got other people to-
 Intense Individual: 
It's been great not really talking to you, so-
Intense Individual:
Like the video game?

He then sucker punched me in the gut and disappeared into the night (actually through a screen enclosure into a backyard and then over a fence, but all the same). After recouping from the assault I began to question other guest as to this mysterious persons identity. No one seemed to have any idea who this bad dude was and I went on with my evening.

The next morning I awoke to an Email (which worried me cause I didn't give out my Email) with a link attatched. I followed it down the rabbit hole and behold I discovered

Now I understand, I was in the presence of greatness and didn't know it.

"Oh snap, it's the Bad Dudez!"

I could of been killed by the sheer will of this superhuman but they allowed me to continue breathing so I could share my amazing tale with others and spread the word of these Bad Dudez.

"We're bad!"

I beg you to go out and share this video with others, the president's life may depend on it.

"Help me Bad Dudez, you're democracy's only hope."
Also feel free to subscribe to the Bad Dudez DudeTube. The rumor is if they have enough followers they will grant us with another thrilling video. My mind can hardly handle the awesomeness.

God bless you Bad Dudez, and God bless America.
(Special Thanks to Dustin Burton for providing me the honor of meeting these Bad Dudez).

P.S. Below is a video for anyone who would like a frame of reference.

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