Friday, February 28, 2014

Free Film Friday: ABC's The Earth Day Special (1990)

Free Film Friday is where we feature an individual film in it's entirety taken from a user from Youtube to be enjoyed by you, the reader (or viewer, since this is cinema). As we will be showing films that may not rest in the public trust we must, as always, state the following:

We at Culturally Significant! do not own the rights or 
claim the copyright of the film embedded. Those rights 
belong to the original owner and not the user unless noted.   

 For this weeks film we are breaking our second rule: film. What we have to show today is not a film, despite the start studded talent involved, but a TV special. Yes it's ABC's cleverly named 'The Earth Day Special' (1990).

I know what you're thinking: "It's not Earth Day. Why are you showing a Earth Day special?"

First, stop criticizing me. Second, I choose the 'Earth Day Special' for a very specific reason. Noted for its massive amounts of pop culture references and characters, the special was largely a time capsule for the time it was made (like most TV specials). Bugs Bunny, E.T., Doogie Howser, and Doctor Emmett Brown all made appearances in the special. I'm actually surprised Robocop didn't make an appearance.

Your move, pollution.
But there was one very very VERY special guest that appears: Elon Spengler. Yes, rather then have Egon appear to talk about the dangers of littering they created a fictitious twin brother that worked for a Ghostbusters offshoot called Wastebusters. And it's for this reason that I decided to feature the 'Earth Day Special'.
Let's go ahead and mention the elephant in the room: Harold Ramis died this past week. Nothing has hit the internet as hard it seems as the death of one of the purest comedic voices to speak to our generation. We wanted to show a Ramis film but those all lay safely behind copyright vaults...expect for the 'Earth Day Special'. "Are we going to feature an entire TV special beacuase of one samll section based off the fake brother of a beloved character just to justify showing Harold Ramis?" Ask that again, but slower.
Also, is the atomic weight of Cobalt 58.9?
Answer your own question?

So this one is to Harold. It may be a small part, but not by a small heart.

Thanks to Aiz Ayob for the upload. 

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