Sunday, February 9, 2014

Electric Zombie Ain't Afraid of No Ghost (or Monsters).

Being a child in the 80's meant something very simple: you could handle things that might scare you. I'm not sure if it was a cultural observation or simply the whims of unscrupulous content creators but we growing up had a lot of spooky things to enjoy and keep us up at night. That's where Electric Zombie excels.

Electric Zombie, and its mad genius Kyle Crawford,  has just released their first wave of a Winter 2014 line and it is all about spooks and ghouls. Now, Crawford is somewhat of a polarizing figure in the world of design lines due to his bluntness but the man has high standards and is not afraid to run his companies how he wants. Whatever you think of him you have to respect how Electric Zombie puts out great work (and Crawford doesn't seem to care what you think of him anyway).

First up is perhaps the coolest thing on the planet at this moment (and "It Came from 1984" is currently going on) and that's the 'Spooker' print featuring the ghost of 'The Real Ghostbusters'.

Illustrated by the very talented Mathew Skiff, not only does this print feature good old Stay Puft and the "No Ghost" ghost from the cartoon intro but a collection of several high profile ghosts from the toy line!

I can honesty say that I owned every single one of the ghosts featured in this print (but Kyle, no Fearsome Flush?). I still remember the Christmas that gave me the Ghostbuster's firehouse was the same that I recieved the now fabled "Bug-Eye Ghost" (that purple fellow with the large eye). Ah, single child spoiled memories.

The detail in this poster is awesome. The colors pop and very much match the feeling of the toyline and cartoon. I can't tell if the product is screen-printed or a digital color print, but does it matter? It's a Real Ghostbuster poster! Measurements are listed as 18" by 24", so a pretty standard print size. And at $15 it's a wonder why you haven't skipped the rest of this article and ordered two.

Now, you might be saying "a poster is all swell and all but I want to show my RGB love off to the world". Well EZ is looking out for you with the 'Spooker' hoodie.

Featuring the same design as the poster, this 'Spooker' comes in a dark blue and appears to be a lighter Spring style hoodie. 
 The front features a varsity design showing that you belong to the toughest crew around (I'm assuming they're tough, they are dead after all).  
 I really love is sleeve design. Not only does it feature awesome graphics it also features one of the best RGB characters: The Boogieman.  
See ya tonight kids.
Great callback (but still no Fearsome Flush). The 'Spooker' hoodie is priced at $50.00 and comes up to 2XL, although larger sizes are limited.

Bust it's not all about ghost for EZ in this line, they also show some 'Monster Squad' (1987) love with the 'Society' hoodie.
 Screened on the back is the shield of the Monster Squad (if they had a shield) featuring Dracula, the Mummy, Wolfman, and the Gill-man (no Twinkie though). Finishing the design is a skull and stake insignia with Electric Zombie appearing on a scroll underneath.

The front features a monster hand displaying an additional EZ insignia on a badge. While I'm 98% sure that this is a continued reference to the Monster Squad I also notice a similarity to the key art for the "Monster Force" action figure line. I know that Crawford is an avid toy collector and I wonder if his entire line has the theme of toylines?
Yep, the sleeve sells it all with one lingering image: Rudy's too-cool fingerless gloves holding a stake. Thinking about it now, why did we think Rudy was so cool? Sure, he rocked a leather jacket and Wayfarers but the kid wore penny loafers with crew socks. I've gone off topic. This hoodie is the same style as the 'Spooker' hoodie coming in dark red (Crimson? Brick?) and the same sizes. The 'Society' hoodie is priced for $50.

Hoodies not your style? Live in the Sunshine state like me and EZ itself? How about the line's collection of t-shirts?
'Spooker' Tee on black. $18.
'Society' Tee on black. $18.
'Warzone' Tee on black. $18.
'Deadpool' Baseball Tee. $25.
Also, although not a part of this Winter line, I would be remissed if I failed to mentions perviously relased 'Dead Head' series. Designed as a tribute to "Madballs", these are made of hand poured resin plastic with color combos that are different with each pour. The first line includes 'Sammy', 'Killector', and 'Tuff Stuff'.
There are currently three edition for each character, one being glow-in-the-dark, ranging between $31 and $45.

If anything you've seen here sparks your fancy then head on over to Electric Zombie and give them your money. Tell them Cultural Significant! sent ya.
Till then...kill or be killed.

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