Thursday, November 7, 2013

Prepare, Fall has...been extended

Well, Halloween is over.

What follows is the feeling of emptiness and despair that comes with the ending of any major holiday. But Halloween means more to those of us that reside in the hallowed halls of Culturally Significant!

The Brute Squad (are kinda nerds)

The Brute Squad loves Halloween and everything that comes with it.
Candy and 
pumpkin beer?

It's not just Halloween but the fall season in general that makes us feel all warm and moody inside. The thing is Halloween is not even cool in the tomb before we seem to be bombarded by artifacts of the winter season. 

November 1st
Christmas trees are being sold an aisle away from where the Halloween decorations are 50 percent off!

Don't get me wrong, I love Winter. I love Christmas time. I put up trees. I put up a Festivus pole. I gorge myself on latkes and rugelach (although It doesn't have to be Hanukkah for me to do this). But this seems too soon.

What happened to Thanksgiving? Turkey day? The Official holiday for eating too much and passing out?

Inner thought: 
This is the third time in this article 
I've mentioned heavy indulgence. 
Why do I have overeating on the brain. 
Maybe It's...oh my god...I'm pregnant.

It seems like in recent years the day after Halloween has lead straight into winter with fall ending prematurely and we at Culturally Significant! want to rectify this. So enter..

Or Notober or Boovember or Fallinter...we're still working on it.

We will be continuing both our Halloween and fall coverage till NOVEMBER 21st , after which we we start our winter seasonal coverage (the minute Santa appears at the end of the Macy's parade...THE WAY FATHER TIME MEANT IT TO BE!)

You don't even know who I am

This will also allow us to finish our Countdown to Halloween and post the articles we didn't get around to, including:
  • Pumpkineaters Reviews
  • 8-Bit Jason Review (I Swear)
  • Greatest Horror Games Never Made
  • Horror Film Scores on Vinyl
  • Our First Podcast...

Wrapping up OCTOVEMBER will be a very special Culturally Significant! Thanksgiving Special.

Yes, I know what I said, 
and no, I don't care.

As always we will welcome any new contributors during our Octovember coverage. Contact us and join the jive turkeys in the Brute Squad.

Till then...Fight for Fall,


  1. Thanksgiving does seem to get a bit lost in the post-Halloween/early-Christmas shuffle. We celebrate Christmas from the day after Thanksgiving until after New Year's Day. We call it Christmastime, so we don't just wait for one day and get down when it ends. But, as for your late Halloween posts - can't wait!

    1. Right! Christmastime celebrates the days surrounding Christmas Day (including Three Kings Day), but I think crass commercialism has taken advantage of the Christmas season that even our American holiday, Thanksgiving, is brushed under the tree skirt. There's no anticipation anymore. I feel like I'm being slapped in the face as soon as I walk into a Joann's or Michael's and see garland and tinsel everywhere.