Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Introducing Significant Culture

Just wanted to stop in and say the we are now the proud owners of a top-level domain. Our official new url will be "".

Wait, no one had ever used 
"culturally significant" 
as a DNS till now?

It's a common phrase used 
to describe pop culture deemed-

Damn it, Jerry!

As I was saying, we are very excited with this recent development and hope that not only does it allow new readers able to find us easier but also lets fans able to share our goofy dedication to pop culture with everyone. In that regard we fashioned a photo that he hope you could share with the online world to make to speed the process along.


Pass it around and help spread the good word of Culturally Significant! 

And, to Tim Cook and the good people at Apple Inc., pleased refrain from bringing any damning litigation against us due to any innocent use of past images. Kthxbye.

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