Thursday, November 14, 2013

Castello Cavalcanti

As it was mentioned before, Wes Anderson is a house favorite here at Culturally Significant. While we all wait for his next film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, which comes out next year, here's an appetizer for us Anderson admirers.

Castello Cavalcanti is his latest short film. It was produced for Prada, much like the delightful series he did earlier this year starring Lea Seydoux, and like those short commercials, you can see the director's sensibilities all over.

The star this time is Jason Schwartzman, a favorite of Anderson's (and ours). He plays Jed Cavalcanti, a Formula racer in the 1955 Molte Miglia rally. After a crash, Jed finds himself among strangers who turn out to be closer than he thinks.

As anything made by Anderson, it's at the very least great to look at, but it's also funny and clever. And speaking as someone with close Italian roots, it all feels very close to home.

So don't waste any more time and watch the film below. It'll be hard to find a better use for your eight minutes on the Internet.

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