Saturday, October 26, 2013

"This is the Crypt Jam..."

Oh Mondo. I've never been in an tumultuous relationship but I'd imagine it is similar to the relationship I have with the uber-popular print maker. It continues to infuriate me, making me rant and rave to no end, yet I keep on coming back.

I guess I just can't quit you Mondo.

I of course do not mean to belittle anyone 
who has been in an abusive relationship 
and in no way say they are parallel.

Stay safe out there.

Why I bring this up is because  of the limited edition vinyl Mondo will be releasing soon in accordance to thier upcoming gallery show "It Didn't Rot Our Brains".

Wait, who was claiming it did? Was it your mother? Tell her to go straight to hell!

The gallery showing will invovle art based on both the EC Comics line and the Tales from the Crypt television series. While this is awesome enough Mondo will also be issuing 7" vinyls featuring the original "Tales from the Crypt Theme" song by Danny Elfman with a B-side featuring "The Crypt Jam".

For those unaware, "The Crypt Jam" was a novelty song released around 1991 with the original series soundtrack that featured The Cryptkeeper rapping that become a minor hit.

Bloody-Disgusting had the exclusive with the covers of the 7" vinyls featuring artwork by Ghoulsh Gary Pullin and Randy Ortiz.

"Tales From The Crypt 7″
Side A) Tales From The Crypt theme song by Danny Elfman
Side B) The Crypt Jam

"Version A:
Edition of 500
Artwork by ‘Ghoulish’ Gary Pullin, featuring Die-Cut jacket & Black vinyl.

 "Version B:
Edition of 250
Artwork by Randy Ortiz, featuring Blood Red vinyl w/ Black haze

"Version C:
Edition of 250
Artwork by ‘Ghoulish’ Gary Pullin, featuring Slime Green vinyl.

Wow, I loved all three with the "eyeball" being perhaps my favorite.

Here is the thing, I'm obsessed with 'Ghoulish' Gary Pullin's art. He's my favorite artist working in the medium currently. I camped out by my laptop for four hours just to be able to get his last Mondo piece in tribute to 'Vertigo'.

 This was my first and, as of right now, the only Mondo print I have been able to get before it sold out. I'm currently trying to seek out the (seemingly) sister peice in tribute to 'Psycho' that he did for Gallery 1988.

One will be mine.
Being both a hardcore collector of Gary Pullin's art and a huge fan of Tales from the Crypt I knew this would be something I needed in my life. I was ready for a release date. I would camp out by my computer, maybe watch old Tales episodes, refreshing every ten minutes and be ready to go. All was planned...till I read the rest of the article.

"...(the vinyls) that will be available at the gallery show next Friday…."

As I live no where close to the Mondo Gallery (it's in Austin) and, with the limited numbers available, I slowly realized that these 7" were miles away (tee-hee...nope, still depressed).

For those of you who actually can attend the showing it will be from Friday, October 25th through November 23rd. More information is available at the Mondo Blog. The Mondo Gallery is located at
4115 Guadalupe St. in (I'm assuming) beautiful Austin, TX. 

The original story was released by and can be found here

I wonder why they're called "Bloody"?

Well Mondo, you've done it again. 

Till then...Love hurts,

This is the Crypt Jam.

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