Monday, October 28, 2013

The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders

Saturday Night Live has become hit or miss for me in the last couple years. Now, with the departure of the Lonely Island guys and the dwindling regularity of memorable digital shorts, I only look forward to one recurring sketch at this point:

Then last Saturday SNL produced what I feel is the most orginal and sharp digital short they have made in years. I presented here now, in tribute to our own Marc. C's birthday, the newest name in horror (watch and then I'll meet up with you below):

Okay, we love two things here at Culturally Significant!: horror films and films by Wes Anderson

Yeah, we're those type of people.

Not only is this a sharp and intelligent short it perfectly re-creates the look and feel of almost every Wes Anderson film. Whoever was in charge of this short I suspect is just as much a fan of Anderson as we are, you have to be to cut so close to the bone. I would even venture to guess that Wes Anderson would enjoy it himself (maybe inspire him to make his own horror film).

I don't need to explain any one thing that occurred within the short, or describe how genius it is, but instead I'll post some of the things I loved most.

The Title (and happy chainsaw intruder)
The Character Artwork

Falcon as Weapon
The Murderers' Letter
The Murderers' Letterhead
The Homowners' Response
The Production Design
Edward Norton as Owen Wilson

The Precocious Children (and what appears to be Wes Anderson himself in the middle)

List of Weapons (especially "Little Flag")
Unidentified Intruder dressed like Norton's character from Moonrise Kingdom
The Critic's Reactions
Jason Schwartzman (as Max Fischer?)
Armless Adrien Brody (in a room full of mechanical typewriters!)
and last but not least...

 The only question left is why can't this exist (imagine what the Criterion Cover would look like). 

So happy birthday Marc. C, we wish you the best.

The Birthday Boy
Till then...hey wow, stay quirky,

Speaking of creative horror spoofs...

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