Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Prepare, Fall has come...

Greeting boils and ghouls,

For the lucky ones of you a chill is starting to hang in the air, leaves are beginning to turn, and Pumpkin Spice Latte cups are overflowing trendy neighborhood trash cans.

This could mean only one thing...

Bring on the human spice lattes!

or, if you live in Florida like me, it looks more like...

...all well. At least it's still Fall (just a miserably hot and humid Fall).

If you couldn't tell up to this point October is my favorite month of the year. More so then even Christmas or Arbor day. This October will be special as we are engaging in the popular blogger event known as the...

I've followed this event for several years and I'm super excited to be a part of it finally. When so many writer and bloggers get together to recall the best the Halloween season has to offer you realize, that in some small way, you're not alone in your obsession. 

Going with the countdown we here at the Culturally Significant Halloween Headquarters will be featuring articles revolving around all that is spooky and Halloween related. 

Several things we have planned for the month of October include...
  • Best NES Horror Games Never Made
  • The 8-Bit Jason Figure Review (finally)
  • It Came from Kickstarter featuring Puffed Shoggoths: An H.P. Lovecraft Art Zine
  • Pumpkin Eaters: A Review of Orange Squash Related Foods and Drinks
  • Horror Film Art
  • A Monster Squad Style Clubhouse
  • Overthinking Halloween III
  • Halloween Horror Night 23 Review and Live Tweet
  • A Hopeful Halloween Podcast
  • The First in the Series of "It Was 'A' Film" Dueling Film Reviews...

So please stay tuned and visit Culturally Significant! regularly to enjoy our fall love fest. 

More importantly, if you want to contribute to our Halloween coverage and perhaps pen an article or two please contact us. We need the fresh blood.  

Till Then...

Stay Scared!,

Here's something to tide you over for our first Pumpkin Eater Article.
Pumpkin and Pumpkin Pie Doughnuts from Dunkin Doughnuts

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