Thursday, October 31, 2013

Culturally Significant! Halloween: Part 1

I've got a lot of things to do today, why this will be in two parts, but before I head out I wanted to take a moment and discuss Halloween decorating.

When I was younger (and still living with my parents) I would go all out for Halloween. It was a obsession for me. Week would be spent preparing and building attractions for the kids of the neighborhood. Growing up so close to Orlando meant that you would have a love of Halloween not because of the seasons changing but because of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida. For many it is instilled in their blood and I was no different.

Once I moved away I no longer had the space or means to be so extreme with my theming. Truth is, everyday is Halloween for me now. My apartment is covered with horror posters and screenprints, my bookcases of full of horror toys and vinyls, and the smell of pumpkin is almost constant. I've almost got it so my beloved will allow me to move my 'Ghostbusters' collection into our bedroom (haha...the long, slow game).

But I still feel like I needed something dedicated to Halloween. Then I thought of Dinosaur Dracula.

Matt over at Dinosaur Dracula has made it a feature for several years to create a Halloween mood table in his home. Here is this years

I thought why not do the same. So here, for the first year ever, is the official Culturally Significant! Halloween Alter.
Part two will be a breakdown of the entire table and feature on its key item: 8-Bit Zombie's Body Bag. Until then though:

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