Saturday, September 14, 2013

Jason Lives!

I know what your saying.
Isn't Friday the 13th over?

BACK OFF!...oh...sorry. 

There was a full on love fest yesterday regarding the film franchise  marked by the ominous date with people posting various clips and images regarding their undying love for the world's most well known goalie who's never actually stopped a puck.

I tire of these KEEP CALM parodies...but this one I'll allow.

So why continue on with the Jason love?

Simple answer: I feel like I got the shaft.

It didn't feel like a proper Friday the 13th for me personally (mostly because I was at a job that consisted more of asking "fried or broiled" then watching people being fried or broiled ). Sure, I watched the first film on Blu-ray and drank a pumpkin beer or two but it still didn't have the everlasting piece that comes with a supernatural mongoloid slaughtering children of privilege (Yes I'm wildly assuming this, but  those kids in the first four films seemed from mostly well off and protestant families).

Where is the warm glow that comes from a 3-D eyeball or a Crispin Glover dance? Irish bug.

 I'm burying the lead I know but I just wanted to make clear why I wanted these feelings to continue on past the Friday deadline. I'm working on a review of something that many have already commented on of late. It was a big deal not just to me but apparently most of the internet as well and I needed to come from a new angle. I needed something to keep my creativity going and my hopes alive while I crafted my upcoming tribute to a very specific piece of Jason memorabilia. 

That's where Matt from Dinosaur Dracula comes in.

He seeks blood...but has short arms. You should be pretty safe.
 Matt, long time blogger and ferocious Friday the 13th fan, has decided to celebrate the holiday by collecting all the T.V. spots the franchise has had throughout the years. These glorious pieces of history remind me of the days when parents cared less about a serial killer advert on prime time and more about what was going to happen to David and Maddie. It was a better time. Catch up and check them all out here, but then come back cause I'm not done yet.

Of all the spots my favorite is from my favorite film in series: 'Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives!'

I could get into the whole who and what of why I love this film, and most probably will in the future, but most of you either share in my adoration or will simply refute me and claim another film as superior (FINAL CHAPTER OR DIE!).

Instead I'll let something else speak for me: 


The atmosphere.
The music. 
The tombstone. 
The lightning. 
The coffin. 
Lack of a proper title. 

 Enough said.

Check out the rest at Dinosaur Dracula and feel free to comment below about your favorite Friday (the series, not a really good Friday you had. Stop showing off).

Let me leave you with this linger image for all my fellow Jason Lives lovers. 

This Jason Lives poster from Electric Zombie on sale now.

Till then, keep killin. 

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